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    Celeste, designed by Hong Kong watch brand Ziiiro tells the time with colour. The watch face consists of two transparent coloured discs that represent the watch hands. These coloured discs move over each other as time passes, changing the colour of the face throughout the day. The model with the blue/black face uses a black coloured disc to represent the hour and blue the minutes. As they overlap a grey colour emerges across the face. The watch with the blue/yellow face uses blue for the hour and yellow for minutes. When the discs overlap the colours combine to create green. Celeste also includes a white line at the tip of the minutes disc to help clarify the time...

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    Déjà Vu

    Déjà Vu is the second watch at Dezeen Watch Store by Denis Guidone for American brand Projects. The watch appears to feature two traditional watch hands that leave behind a trail of colour as time passes. However, on further inspection these sweeps of colour are simply graphics used to mark the hours and minutes. The graphics are printed on two disks layered on top of each other. The top disk is transparent. Déjà Vu comes in three colours: blue, white and yellow. It has a soft rubber strap that attaches to the lugs of the watch face. The watch case is made of IP plated black stainless steel. This unisex watch is most popular with men. It has a 33mm...

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    Eugenia Kim Blake

    Raise expectations and look picture perfect with the absolutely capital Eugenia Kim® Blake. Portrait hat with a pink feather wrap. Brand logo grosgrain sweatband offers all-day comfort. 100% domesticated rabbit...

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    Goorin Brothers Urkel

    Do the ‘Urkel’ dance in a Goorin Bros.™ beanie. Sweater knit beanie sports a soft brim for novel style. 17″ circumference. 100%...

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    Nixon Compass Beanie

    Clean, sleek, and classic – the iconic design of the Compass Beanie from Nixon™ will always point you in the right direction. The ribbed knit design creates a sleek and classic look. Custom woven label...

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